Orchard User Group

The Orchard User Group was established in 1993 and meets on an annual basis.

The Group consists of an independent network of our customers, working together to meet the following objectives:

    • Enhance communications between Orchard and our customers
    • Advise and make recommendations on issues of policy, product strategy, legislative requirements and best practice
    • Identify and prioritise software enhancements
    • Discuss and debate issues, share ideas and experiences

By working in partnership with the Group we are able to ensure that our services and solutions continue to meet our customers’ business needs.

For further information, please contact Chair, Deborah McManus, Coast and Country Housing at: deborah_mcmanus@cchousing.org.uk

OpenAccounts User Group

Key to helping Orchard drive its financial solutions forward is our independent OpenAccounts User Group. This is now the only User Group of its kind in the sector and is more vibrant than ever.

The User Group is free to all of our customers and meets on an annual basis and is hosted by volunteer customers.

The Group discusses the topics of the day and is pivotal in the sharing of ideas and experiences within the community. It also gives us a major voice when it comes to discussing product development with Advanced Business Solutions (ABS) for the Housing Sector.

For further information, please contact either Vice Chair below: