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Hyde’s operations run smoother than ever with Orchard AccuServ fully integrated repairs and maintenance software

In search of a repairs and maintenance management solution which could integrate into their existing housing management system, Hyde, one of the largest housing associations working in England, turned to Orchard AccuServ Repairs & Maintenance to streamline their DLO contingent.

5 years ago, Hyde’s system for managing repairs and maintenance jobs for the 14,500 properties which HPM look after across the south and east of England was complex, inefficient, and untrustworthy. The team were relying on multiple, unintegrated software tools to manage their work, meaning an administrative workload consisting of duplicate data entry, emails to and from trade staff and the management of separate systems. This led to a massive administrative backlog and a lack of clarity in the business due to duplicate datasets.

To solve this, it was clear that a more streamlined software system was needed to manage scheduling, workflows, and subcontractors which could fully integrate into Hyde’s existing housing management system, Northgate. Orchard AccuServ Repairs and Maintenance was the chosen solution. Now, 5 years on, the team is also replacing a third-party app with the AccuServ app for their contractors to manage their work on the move, and implementing trade supplier integration with two of their suppliers, integrating seamlessly into Hyde’s management system and ensuring a streamlined work process.

Improved efficiency

AccuServ’s full integration with Northgate housing management software means that the team at Hyde can benefit from the operational efficiencies of Orchard AccuServ Repairs and Maintenance without the need for a complete system overhaul, meaning they can retain a system with which they’re comfortable and into which they have invested team training.

By working with Northgate, it helps to reduce the amount of administration for the team at Hyde, and also means that data from both Northgate and Orchard AccuServ Repairs and Maintenance can be pulled to create reports to inform decision-making around the future of the business at both management and board level.

By also implementing the AccuServ Mobile app for their trade staff, Hyde have consolidated their software suppliers, simplifying their systems and issue resolution processes. Implementing the app means that the whole system can work in a more synergistic way, allowing for simpler processes and full functionality with AccuServ and Northgate.

Integration with multiple suppliers

AccuServ’s ability to integrate with supplier systems means that ordering specific parts and replenishing van stock can be automated, reducing administration workload and building efficiencies into the everyday workflows of trade staff carrying out repairs and maintenance appointments across Hyde’s housing stock.

Despite the automation, the team at Hyde still have control over how much they order, and any spending at unusual levels or anomalous orders need to be authorised by the team to ensure that budgets are controlled.

For trade staff, the integration means they can order parts and supplies over the counter direct from the supplier, and the order will be automatically inputted into Hyde’s system via the supplier’s, meaning less room for error due to rushed ordering via a device and allowing trade staff to work within the system in a way that is most comfortable for them, whether that’s through the app or through the supplier directly.

A partnership style relationship

Over the years, the relationship between Hyde and Orchard has evolved to a partnership style association, with personalised support from Orchard throughout the implementation and lifetime of the products, and suggestions and feedback from Hyde to inform future developments and the ongoing evolution of the software.
Orchard have also worked with Hyde, providing consultancy services with the teams and developing a strong trust between the two organisations.

As Hyde’s work to build efficiencies into their DLO continues, Orchard are there to oversee implementation, provide consultancy, and continue to give excellent, personal service to the team.

From my perspective, they’re a great team to work with. They’re available all of the time, when we need information or if I get stuck somewhere Hannah’s always at the end of an email…I think the team is really accessible… we’ve got a good working relationship and nothing’s too much trouble.

Paul Dew, Head of Operations, Hyde Housing

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