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GreenSquare transforms its customer engagement with Orchard Digital Self Service platform


GreenSquare is a housing association group that manages around 12,000 homes for rent across Wiltshire, Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire and develops a range of new homes for rent, shared ownership, and sale.

GreenSquare has implemented Orchard’s Digital Self Service platform to improve customer experience and the efficiency of its service delivery, allowing the group to target resource where it’s needed most.

After analysis to investigate the cost of customer engagements, the team at GreenSquare found telephone-based contact costs around five pounds per transaction, whereas digital contact costs around five pence. This finding – together with a desire to provide a wider choice of contact methods, including self-service options – led them to look for a solution that could capitalise the potential efficiencies of digitising more customer engagements.

They hoped this would also enable colleagues across the business to focus their attention on cases needing more in-depth involvement, such as working directly with vulnerable customers; or being able to spend more time investigating complex queries.

As an existing customer of Orchard Housing and Finance solutions, GreenSquare had already established a strong working relationship with Orchard, with a great level of trust between the two organisations. As well as this, GreenSquare felt its digital strategy and aims aligned closely with the solutions Orchard could provide.

The project started in 2017, with the aim of delivering an intuitive, easy-to-use solution that had an attractive user interface. Throughout the implementation process, GreenSquare received support from Saxon Weald and Futures Housing, other Orchard Digital Self Service customers; this helped their team get to grips with the new solution more efficiently and enabled a seamless launch.

By implementing Orchard Digital Self Service (branded ‘myGreenSquare’), GreenSquare has provided customers with an additional contact channel, giving them more choice and flexibility in how and when they can communicate with GreenSquare.

“Orchard Digital Self Service allows customers to access a wide variety of services from booking repairs and making payments to updating their personal details anytime, anywhere using any device they choose.”
Rob Fletcher, GreenSquare’s Head of ICT, added: “So far, the feedback from customers has been very favourable – and we’re very excited to see how the service grows in the months ahead as more and more customers sign up and make the most of its benefits.”

Rachel Crownshaw, GreenSquare’s Customer Experience Director, said: “Digital services are becoming more popular so we’re pleased to launch myGreenSquare to compliment other, more traditional methods of contact. Over the coming months we will continue to improve the service so our customers can do even more online when they want to.”

At GreenSquare we believe in making a difference to people’s lives; one of the ways we want to do this is by providing simply brilliant services. We see the launch of myGreenSquare as a significant step in achieving this aim and increasing our customer satisfaction.

Julianne Britton, Head of Customer Services

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