Complete Project Management

Using the Projects Module customers can carry out effective project management from concept through to completion

Orchard Asset provides the most comprehensive housing asset management solution. One of the most important parts of Orchard Asset is our Projects module. Take an in-depth look at the great features this module can bring to your company.


Within Orchard Asset we have created the Project module with housing organisations in mind. It provides an intuitive tool for housing asset management which allows you to plan and oversee the management of all planned maintenance and development projects. From tendering and selecting contractors to monitoring actual costs versus budgeted costs, Projects gives your staff the means to easily deliver great work.

During the many stages of a housing asset management project life-cycle we have the functionality to make the process as stress-free as possible for users. Logging of invoices, authorising payments, integrating with financial systems (including Orchard Financials), recording health and safety and other statutory data are all covered by the Projects module. Also upon completion of a project, associated records in Servicing, Energy, Asbestos, Survey and HHSRS modules are updated automatically, saving you time.

With any maintenance or development project, keeping an eye on progress and reporting this is a vital part. The Projects module has been developed to allow you to extract the information you need fast from Orchard Asset. Whether you need a Gantt chart, cash flow projection, final account statement or KPI statistics we’ve got these and more covered.

Key Features

  • Complete project and development project management
  • Track actual costs vs budgeted costs
  • Tendering and contractor selection
  • Creation of orders and invoices logged
  • Produce a range of reports and Gantt charts
  • Generate and store resident contact records and letters
  • On project completion Survey, Energy, HHSRS, Servicing and Asbestos modules updated automatically
  • Integration with OpenAccounts

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