With Orchard Asset property maintenance software, you can manage risk, compliance and audit requirements and minimise risk across every aspect of your property portfolio.

Orchard Asset provides the most comprehensive asset management and property maintenance solution for housing organisations. A key part of Orchard Asset is our focus on Compliance. Take a closer look at three key parts of our Compliance solution: ServicingAsbestos and Survey.


The Servicing module can be used for any appliance or plant asset that requires regular servicing, inspection or maintenance. This includes boilers, gas fires, electrical installations, solar panels, door entry systems, water systems (legionella), lifts, grounds maintenance items, smoke alarms and fire fighting equipment.

As part of the property maintenance software, contractor information is stored together with details of each plant item and appliance including its manufacturer, make and model, servicing frequency requirements, condition of asset and service contract.

Following a maintenance visit, the Orchard Asset Servicing system will automatically calculate the next required date. In the event of a failure to gain access, this would be logged and escalated accordingly. Tenant letters can be automatically generated (in multiple languages) with details of appointments, letters and telephone calls made are also recorded.

On top of this, our property maintenance software allows for data loading for completed servicing, no-access and contractor escalation records from contractors to be automated, including loading relevant certification.

Key Features

  • Full maintenance history of individual equipment assets.
  • Storage of and access to certificates.
  • Comprehensive management reports including overdue services.
  • Automatic resident letter generation in multiple languages.
  • Multiple service frequency per item.
  • Mobile working.
  • Comprehensive contractor certificate and data interfaces dwelling being assessed.
  • Links to Repairs systems jobs.

800,000 properties managed through Orchard Asset


Our Asbestos module enables you to keep a detailed history of inspections, removals and is fully compliant with HSG264. It has been designed to help customers ensure they are legally compliant with all the latest Asbestos legislation.

Within this property maintenance software module, scores are produced for both priority and material assessments and these are used to generate re-inspection intervals and generate actions. It offers automated procedures which mean any inspection data and documentation is loaded as soon as it is made available from third party consultants or collected on-site using Orchard Asset Mobile.

All information with the Asbestos module is available to both internal and external stakeholders such as contractors, with external access via a password controlled web service (which includes a full audit trail). Anyone given access to the property maintenance software can view records, photographs and documentation on any-type of device, making it ideal for mobile workers.

Key Features

  • Full Asbestos history of each property / block.
  • Web access for contractors.
  • Full audit trail.
  • Flexible, user defined structure.
  • Attach documents and images.
  • Asbestos record can be stored at any level of the location hierarchy.
  • Automated data loading tools to load the results of inspections undertaken by third party organisations.
  • Mobile solution for new and re-inspection surveys.
  • All lookup tables used in the Asbestos module are user configurable.
  • Applicable for domestic and non domestic properties.
  • Automatic risk calculation.
  • Can be deployed as a ‘stand alone’ system.
  • A comprehensive reporting suite.

Over 3 million Asbestos records handled with Orchard Asset


The Survey module within Orchard Asset property maintenance software is the perfect data collection tool with which you can create your own property surveys, even down to a materials level. It gives you the ability to collect the data you need to forecast costs and see where resources will be needed.

Risk assessment surveys can be created within this property maintenance software module allowing you to monitor your assets to see if they are meeting the Decent Homes Standard, Scottish Housing Quality Standard (SHQS) or Welsh Housing Quality Standard (WHQS). Off the back of risk assessment results, workflows can be automatically triggered e.g. in the event of a property failing an inspection.

Implementing the Survey module means you can go further than standard forecasting as it offers full scenario modelling functionality. Adjust a range of parameters to see how this will impact your housing stock. All results can be exported via a range of reports and charts for easy digestion and decision making.

Key Features

  • User defined condition surveys
  • Risk assessment surveys
  • Scenario modelling
  • Allows assets to be scored on Decent Homes Standard, SHQS and WHQS
  • Trigger predefined workflows off the back of survey results
  • Responsive design ideal for mobile working

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