Take a strategic view of your assets

Use Active Property Asset Management to make informed and transparent decisions about your housing stock and enable stock viability assessments.

Options Appraisal, a module within Orchard Asset is an Active Property Asset Management software solution for use with existing housing stock. This enables a strategic view of property asset management and provides stock viability assessments. Housing organisations can as a result make informed and transparent decisions regarding the sustainability of stock, including future spend, redevelopment or disposal for single dwellings up to entire estates or areas. This effectively saves time and money, as manual efforts are reduced.

Make Informed Decisions

Orchard Options Appraisal allows you to make detailed “what-if” projections to compare the potential impact of decisions on a range of financial and social factors. This Active Property Asset Management software helps you to make informed, transparent and consistent decisions about alternative future treatment of properties, such as converting to market rent, selling, rebuilding or demolishing assets, or refurbishments.

What is Active Asset Management?

  • Measuring the long term performance of properties
  • Using modelling techniques to analyse worth
  • Planning and comparing future scenarios for conversion, investment, modernisation or replacement
  • Providing an objective baseline on which to make investment decisions
  • An essential part of business planning
  • Stress testing of business plans for:
    • Interest rate assumptions
    • Inflation assumptions
    • Income or expenditure variations  (e.g. 1% rent reduction)

Active Property Asset Management is expected by the regulator. Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) need to be able to evidence value for money.  Sales to Non RSLs are not necessarily a bad thing if they allow investment in new social stock. 

Active Asset Management is easier with a specialist tool which already contains your investment plans. Orchard Options Appraisal module does both the long term performance evaluation and the comparison of alternative options for single or groups of properties.

Compare the potential impact of decisions on a range of financial and social factors

Using out property asset management software, custom groups of properties can be created using any combination of data from any part of the Orchard Asset database. User-defined financial and social impact factors can also be created to create custom scoring systems, for example management, maintenance or servicing costs, and demand, customer behaviour or neighbourhood indices.

This data is used to create projections for Net Present Values and social impact scores for different scenarios, providing an easy, consistent way of ensuring decisions represent good value for money and benefit the local community.

Typical financial factors would include:

  • Management costs
  • Reactive maintenance costs
  • Servicing costs
  • Rental income
  • Service charge income
  • Void losses

Social impact scoring factors might include:

  • Demand
    • Percentage of Properties Void
    • Number of Refusals
    • Tenancy Length
    • Customer Behaviour, including ASB Cases and Rent Arrears
  • Neighbourhood Assessment
    • Deprivation Indices
    • Customer Neighbourhood Perception
    • Staff Neighbourhood Perception

Information/data derived from Orchard Asset itself, such as planned component renewal costs, are automatically available for inclusion in any scenario, thanks to our integrated property asset management software. Factors such as demolition and redevelopment costs, alternative rental patterns can be created and used in an unlimited number of alternative scenarios.

“Prior to using Orchard Asset, our data was held in various spreadsheets which made dealing with compliance, decent homes calculations and asbestos, time consuming and cumbersome. As with the other modules, Options Appraisal has not only saved us time and effort but has also provided the ability to assess stock performance and analyse reasons for poor performance, all from the same master set of data.”

David Lowe, Asset Manager, ForViva

Consistent Approach

As comprehensive asset property management software, Options Appraisal provides a consistent approach to decision making, helping to achieve maximum effectiveness and best value. It provides a clear basis for future reviews of the cost effectiveness of stock and ensures that the option selected is more likely to meet the desired objectives.

Key Features

  • User defined factors for financial (NPV) and non financial (social impact) scoring
  • RAG banding
  • User defined property groups with GIS map plotting
  • Status quo scenario establishes baseline for NPV and points scores
  • Graphical presentation
  • User defined scenarios with any combination of factors
  • Automatic links to planned component replacement years/costs
  • Built in data loaders for financial and non financial property factors
  • Ability to score properties based on user defined rules against any data stored in Orchard Asset
  • All analyses are retained for historical review and comparison
  • Scenario Comparisons for property groups
  • Stress testing for business plan assumptions

Net Present Value

In an analysis, a discount rate and period of years is selected and both Net Present Values and social impact scores are calculated. The results are displayed graphically with full drill down to individual property level. Decisions made following the appraisal are then based on calculated values rather than local opinion, ensuring that any subsequent actions represent good value for money and benefit the local community.