Maximise the value and effectiveness of your assets

Orchard Asset is a comprehensive asset management software platform to help you manage operations, maintain compliance, and take a strategic view of your housing stock.

Find out why Orchard Asset management software is being used to manage over 800,000 properties across the UK:

Orchard Asset: Transforming How Your Assets Are Managed

Orchard Asset is the software solution of choice for housing asset management. Orchard Asset makes it easier to access key data so you can take a strategic view of your housing stock, enabling you to make the right decisions now to ensure your properties remain desirable and financially sustainable in future.

To help you meet compliance, legislation and auditing requirements, Orchard Asset management software offers a range of modules to make life easier. This is available within one environment for faster, more efficient working. Your workers can also use Orchard Asset on the go from any device, ideal for carrying out inspections and surveys with results inputted directly into the system.


Comprehensive compliance management

With Orchard Asset management software you can manage risk, compliance and audit requirements and minimise risk across every aspect of your property portfolio.

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Up to date, wherever you are

Access Orchard Asset Mobile via a web browser using any internet-enabled device. Fully centralised data means your team are always up to date.


Active Asset Management

Our unique Options Appraisal module is the only automated solution on the market for modelling the possible outcomes of different ‘what if’ scenarios (for example, whether to refurbish or sell properties), allowing you to make data-driven strategic decisions on the future of your housing stock.

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Project Management

Using the Projects module with Orchard Asset gives customers the tools needed for comprehensive and successful project management. Throughout all stages of a project, customers can monitor actual costs verses budgeted, carry out tendering and contractor selection, create invoices, Gantt charts and much more.

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Driving strategic decision-making

With powerful reporting and predictive analytics, Orchard Asset management software can help you compare options and make the best decisions for your housing stock.


MOT style servicing

Before recent regulation changes, carrying out servicing 1-2 months in advance of the anniversary date meant a gradual shortening of the safety check cycle as the date of next check changed based on 12 months from when the check was carried out. Now within Orchard Asset checks can be carried out in a window of 10 to 12 months while retaining the existing expiry date (just like a car MOT).


Properties managed through Orchard Asset


Asbestos Records handled


Components managed


Increase in condition surveys per month through Asset Mobile

Prior to using Orchard Asset Management, our data was held in our housing system and in various spreadsheets which made dealing with compliance, decent homes calculations and asbestos time consuming and cumbersome. As with the other modules, Options Appraisal has not only saved us time and effort but has provided the ability to assess stock performance and analyse reasons for poor performance, all from the same master set of data.”

David Lowe, Asset Manager at ForViva

Key Features

Orchard Asset is a comprehensive housing asset management system, made up of flexible modules covering the full range of asset management functions.

With Orchard Asset you can build the perfect combination of easy-to-use tools to manage every aspect of your asset management. More than just a data repository and reporting tool, Orchard Asset is a day-to-day working tool, helping your team do their jobs more easily and efficiently.

Single view of data

All Orchard Asset modules are fully interconnected, so data updates in one area are reflected across all areas. Orchard Asset management software acts as your central data source, so your team are always up to date. Powerful reporting features mean there’s no need to export data for additional processing in spreadsheets or other tools.

Accessible from anywhere

Orchard Asset management software is accessed via a web browser, with no additional software required, so your team can access the data they need wherever they are. The platform works on any internet-enabled device, and Orchard Asset Mobile also provides full offline functionality for mobile data collection.

Powerful integration and full support

Orchard Asset can provide two-way integration with housing management systems, finance systems, DLO, contractor systems and EDM systems. Our project management team create a detailed implementation plan to ensure Orchard Asset works seamlessly with your other systems, and that your team are fully trained and confident.

Reporting Dashboards

Orchard Reporting Dashboards are designed to provide a 360-degree view of your asset management data, with configurable, interactive reports highlighting the information your teams need in a visual and easy to digest format.

The high level overall dashboard presents key information from all Orchard Asset modules, including Stock & SAP, Element Renewal, Asbestos and Projects, and Servicing & Inspections. Beneath the overall dashboard are a wide variety of modular dashboards providing additional detail on specific areas.

Charts are interactive allowing you to drill down into your data quickly, and reports can easily be exported into CSV, PDF or Excel formats. Reports are configurable allowing you to group or filter data to see the correct information at a glance.

Orchard Asset management software reporting provides a powerful and easy-to-use reporting system by default. If your organisation has additional needs, we also provide consultancy services to help you create customised dashboards to meet your requirements.

Orchard Asset Modules:

Orchard Asset management software provides a comprehensive set of modules to help manage operations, maintain compliance, and take a strategic view of your housing stock.

  • Asbestos – Part of the Compliance solution, this module has been built to allow you to collect data and meet the latest legislation requirements and calculate risks scores. This information can be shared with contractors too.
  • Servicing – This module can be used for any appliance or plant asset that requires regular servicing, inspection or maintenance.
  • Survey – Used to for collecting data e.g. from stock condition surveys. This will allow costs to be worked out going forward and predictions made about with areas need addressing in the future and can trigger workflows in certain situations such as a failed inspection.
  • Options Appraisal – Allows you to make detailed ‘what if’ projections to compare the potential impact of decisions on a range of financial and social factors. It is the only solution on the market which allows modelling for possible scenarios.
  • Fixed Assets – Used to assist you in working out the value of your assets and calculating any depreciation.
  • Projects – Offers a total project and development management solution, from the initial idea through to project completion.
  • Location – Collect and store all information relating to a property location for example shared entrances, surrounding areas etc. Uses the Assets and Liabilities Register.
  • HHSRS – Helps to ensure that your assets comply with the Housing Health and Safety Rating System.
  • Energy – Keeps all information relating to Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) for all of your assets.


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