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Repairs and Maintenance Workflows

Within Orchard AccuServ Repairs and Maintenance, workflow templates are used for each type of work you carry out. These workflows are customised to match your existing processes and will help automate and improve efficiencies.

Each job comprises several tasks (office and on-site based) which need to be planned, allocated and completed. These can include:

  • Pre and post inspection
  • Letters which need to be sent out
  • Surveys
  • Onsite visits and more

You can choose to manually assign a task to your workforce or have them automatically assigned based on location and capacity. Once allocated workers receive notification of the task on their mobile device wherever they are working. Tasks can also be assigned to sub-contractors outside of your company with their progress also recorded back into your system so you have a complete picture in one place.

Our Repairs and Maintenance solution automatically captures data including labour costs, tasks completed, variations, incidents, any follow on work and more. This two-way flow of data allows workflows to remain up-to-date throughout a job, so any notifications or escalations can be raised if needed.

These workflows help you manage and streamline your repairs and maintenance for the best performance.


Responsive Repairs

Our solution offers the functionality to enter report repairs directly via several methods including via the job entry screen, or your housing management system or any integrated diagnostic tool you use. Once the repair is entered a predefined workflow is initiated to get the job done from beginning through to invoicing. Repair tasks are then assigned to workers automatically based on factors such as availability, who is nearest etc.


Voids & Planned Works

Dealing with property voids or carrying out large planned work can be a time consuming process. Orchard AccuServ Repairs and Maintenance minimises the costs associated with empty properties and informs void planners of the best homes to prioritise work in. Work can be easily raised (either directly in Orchard AccuServ Repairs and Maintenance, or your housing management system or via spreadsheet). Once raised, workflow templates, which can be customised, map out the tasks needed in order to complete your project. Here the Orchard AccuServ Repairs and Maintenance planning tool takes over to make your life easier by planning the logistical side of things e.g. recommending the best teams to carry out the required work based on availability, skill level and suitability so the work is finished on time.



Orchard AccuServ Repairs and Maintenance offers a range of compliance solutions to help you manage work which has a compliance related element. This includes gas safety checks, fire alarms, electrics, asbestos, security systems, legionella and more. Using a traffic light warning system you have full visibility of all on-going work and you can drill down to individual property, job or task.

Upon completion of inspections and surveys, both operatives and tenants can provide e-signatures to confirm the work is complete.


Annual/Cyclical Workflows

Orchard AccuServ Repairs and Maintenance comes with a range of cyclical workflow templates which are raised automatically (and manually). This means annual gas inspections, surveys etc are automatically planned out for you so you have peace of mind that vital work which needs to happen on an on-going basis are planned and booked in.

These cyclical templates also cover ground works which may be required for a property or area. As this is regular ongoing work that needs to take place (e.g. grass cutting), we take the hassle out of planning this by scheduling regular follow-up tasks which are automatically distributed out to your workforce.


Orchard AccuServ Repairs and Maintenance Mobile

As we know today’s workforce are out and about and not just office based, we’ve made sure that you can access the great functionality of Orchard AccuServ Repairs and Maintenance from any device.

Ideal for repairs and maintenance operatives who can then access their worklists on-the-go and adapt to any changes or emergencies that are required.

Other features

Incident Management and Escalations

Things can go wrong during work or site visits might not be as you expected. To help you deal effectively with this, Orchard AccuServ Repairs and Maintenance allows incidents to be flagged by the workforce which are fed directly into the system and marked for your attention. These incidents can be escalated to management using our SMS or email functionality. Types of incidents could include tenant vulnerability, vandalism and other unreported damage.


To aid you when using sub-contractors for specific tasks, Orchard AccuServ Repairs and Maintenance allows you to assign work directly to people outside of your organisation. Using our solution you can send out jobs, raise purchase orders and pay sub-contractors from one area.

Sub-contractors can use a dedicated secure portal from which they can log on and view all work assigned to them, provide updates, mark work as complete and raise any follow-on tasks too. The information available on this portal is fully configurable and lets you control it so only necessary data is accessible to the worker.

This approach helps make contractor management easy.

Fleet Management

If your organisation manages a range of vehicles, then you can take advantage of our fleet management system which monitors and records data related to your fleet. This includes:

  • Mileage checks
  • Vehicle checks
  • Vehicle health and fleet maintenance
  • MOT, tax and insurance data
  • Incidents and accidents
  • Repairs, tyre changes etc

A daily email is generated by the system and distributed out informing of any actions which may need to be taken. The fleet management system can be customised so you can create an environment which lets you easily monitor costs associated with your fleet.

Stores and Van Stocks

Ensure your operatives have all the equipment and parts they need using our solution, which monitors quantities on each vehicle. Levels are updated when items are used or reported lost. From this area of Orchard AccuServ Repairs and Maintenance you can authorise stock purchase orders for any required items.

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