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Built for modern property management, Orchard AccuServ Repairs & Maintenance automates workforce schedules and repairs

Orchard AccuServ Repairs and Maintenance offers a single CMMS software solution for recording, scheduling and managing repairs, emergency and planned work, voids and compliance jobs. It makes job and sub-contractor management easy from raising the work through to completion. It is a true and effective end-to-end repair management system.

Used in the management and maintenance of over 970k properties, Orchard AccuServ Repairs and Maintenance CMMS software has been created to take away the headache that comes from managing multiple repairs, contractors and helps to automate the scheduling of jobs and operative’s time. Smart repair workflows which match they way you work are set up to ensure the most efficient approach to repairs and maintenance. These workflows are designed so that outcomes from jobs can trigger further tasks and also factor in ‘what-if’ scenarios.

In the past, a lot of resource would be spent planning out schedules for workers and as soon as an emergency job came in you would have to re-jig everything. With Orchard AccuServ Repairs and Maintenance CMMS software, your daily planning is automated and in the event of extra jobs or escalations the schedule will auto-plan based on workers location, skills and current workload. Using Google Maps we’ll know who is the nearest operative who can get the job done fast and keep tenants happy.

Orchard AccuServ Repairs and Maintenance works across multiple devices making it the ideal tool for your mobile maintenance and repair teams.



Orchard AccuServ Repairs and Maintenance has been designed from the ground up to provide a complete end-to-end repair and maintenance solution, including mobile capacity, stock control and EDI integration. With repair workflows, responsive repairs, voids, sub-contractor and workforce management, compliance functionality and more it gives you the tools you need to ensure repairs are dealt with in the most efficient way.

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Traditionally working out work schedules for Direct Labour Organisations (DLOs) and contractors has been a very time consuming process. With the ability to handle complex jobs and automate scheduling using our CMMS and workforce management software you no longer need to spend time planning out the day or week ahead. The CMMS software offers the flexibility you need to respond to escalations and emergency work.

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Our Orchard AccuServ Repairs and Maintenance solution integrates with a wide range of other software, allowing you to use the advanced repair and scheduling solution to supercharge your operation and improve customer satisfaction. We integrate with all leading housing management software, finance systems and asset management systems.


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