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Orchard Housing is an extensive housing management system that provides a strong foundation for all your organisation’s customer centric services, accessible from wherever your team are working.

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Orchard Housing: Powerful Technology at the Core of Your Organisation

Orchard Housing is an extensive housing management system that provides a strong foundation for all business-critical processes, including managing rent accounts, contact and property management, booking repairs, managing voids, anti-social behaviour, customer feedback, visits, money advice and residential involvement.

Our Housing Management Systems gives customers easy and efficient working by providing the tools needed to handle the various processes, regulations and complexity that come with social housing. Our Orchard Housing Mobile allows customers to mobilise their workforce so they can work on-the-go while visiting tenants.

Orchard Housing is constantly developed with 70% of our profits going into product development. Through our extensive industry experience and communications we improve in true partnership with our customers, to provide an engaging multi-channel customer experience together with responsive, agile and mobile team working.

360-degree view of your customers

With Orchard Housing Mobile you always have a single, comprehensive, up-to-date view of your tenants, properties, repairs, voids and lettings, plus powerful tools to help improve efficiency and deliver better outcomes.

Accessible from anywhere

Orchard Housing Mobile has been designed with mobile working in mind, with a powerful web interface and seamless mobile integration so your team can stay up to date on the move, even when offline too.



Improve productivity within your company by linking together key systems. Orchard Housing can be fully integrated with Orchard Asset, Income Analytics and Orchard Financials, allowing you to bring together all of the elements you need.


Empower Your Tenants

Orchard Housing customers are able to add on Orchard Digital Self Service, which gives your customers the ability to access key services 24/7. Paying rent, monitoring accounts, reporting repairs, submitting feedback and messages can be done via smartphone and tablet. This approach helps reduce unnecessary calls to your call centres and streamline services.

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Key Features

Orchard Housing forms the backbone of the Orchard software suite

With Orchard Housing you can manage all your business-critical processes from a central data source, ensuring reliable, up-to-date information and allowing for agile and mobile working.

The three central pillars of Orchard Housing give you a 360-degree view of your tenants’ account status and history, your properties and repairs, and your voids and lettings. It also integrates seamlessly with the rest of the Orchard Software Suite to provide powerful extended analytics, reporting and management capabilities.


End-to-end management of your critical processes

Orchard Housing provides a powerful set of core housing management functions that give users a 360-degree view of tenants, properties and repairs. With an easy-to-use, intuitive interface and powerful case management and communications features, Orchard Housing sits at the heart of your organisation’s operations so your team have the data they need to take action and make the right decisions.


Mobilise your workforce and increase value

With Orchard Housing Mobile, your housing officers can spend less time at their desks and more time out in the field. A seamless mobile interface provides access to all the information your team needs on tenancies, rent accounts, properties, repairs, and more, putting your officers in the heart of the communities they serve.


Improve efficiencies and reduce void costs

With powerful void and lettings management functionality, Orchard Housing allows you to effectively manage empty properties and speed the lettings process, reducing void rent loss and managing costs.


Designed with social purpose

More than just a housing management system, Orchard Housing provides a suite of tools to provide a variety of support services to tenants, including financial advice, anti-social behaviour management and help with Universal Credit. With powerful functionality available via our mobile interface, officers are able to build strong relationships with tenants and support them to achieve the best possible outcomes.

“Making best use of technological advances available is important to us. We see Orchard as a massively important strategic partner and are invested in a long term open and honest relationship.”

John Clasper, Chief Executive, Eden Housing Association

Features at a glance:

  • Purpose built for housing sector
  • Easy to use intuitive interface
  • 360 degree views of customers and properties
  • Mobile working, including offline too
  • Manage rent accounts
  • Void management
  • Lettings handling
  • Visits management
  • Customer and property management
  • Anti-social behaviour recording and tracking
  • Capture customer feedback and respond directly
  • Document management
  • Support services for tenants, including help with Universal Credit.
  • Digital self service can be added for tenants to self-manage accounts, repairs and more
  • Arrears management via Income Analytics can be added
  • Integrates with Asset Management and Orchard Financials
  • Range of powerful reports

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