Financial Reporting

Do you find yourself spending large amounts of time creating your reports?

Creating financial reports can be a time consuming task with many of us having to download data into spreadsheets in order to manipulate the data to produce the required reports. This manual process leaves you open to human error and can mean it takes days and days to prepare month end reports for example.

Reporting is vital for decision making but it shouldn’t take as much time as it does. This is why we help supercharge your reports through our dashboard software by offering customers the chance to create bespoke reports or choose from a long list of preconfigured charts and report categories including:

  • Customer overview
  • Debtors
  • Monthly sales
  • Sales analysis
  • Suppliers
  • Trends
  • Purchase analysis
  • Orders
  • General ledger

Effective Reporting

Help aid you business decision making with a range of great looking reports and charts which are easy for the finance team to create using our comprehensive dashboard software.



Within OpenAccounts bespoke dashboards can be created which allow customers to easily create the charts and reports you need to assist business review and planning.

How we help our customers

To help automate the process so you can create the reports you need faster, our Orchard Financials Reporting Review Service has been designed to take away the pain of reporting. It consists of three parts:

  • Evaluation of your current reporting needs and the challenges you face
  • A review and creation of what you will need including dashboard expansion
  • A practical session to train users on extracting and creating new reports

So if you are looking to improve and simplify your reporting, reduce human errors by automating and better assist your financial planning get in touch with us today for more information.

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