Giving you the tools needed to deliver smart financials

For over 40 years we have been assisting our customers' finance teams with financial management software solutions that help them tackle the various challenges they face.

Find out how Orchard can help reduce complexity and empower your finance team with a single financial management system designed to improve reporting, inputting and recording.

Award winning finance management

Orchard Financials is “powered by” OpenAccounts, the award winning financial management software suite. It is an all-in-one finance solution which offers companies an effective way to complete financial processes in a flexible and scalable way. It has been designed to help Finance Directors provide effective processing, performance monitoring and reporting required at board level for key decision making. OpenAccounts offers a user-friendly interface and a single system for requisitioning, approvals and expenses.

It can also be fully integrated with our Orchard Housing and Orchard Asset solutions, as well as all major third-party Housing Management systems meaning we can work with any housing company.  The Orchard Financials implementation team and Customer Service are what sets Orchard apart as they are comfortably the most experienced team in the sector.


Fast, Effective Reporting

Our OpenAccounts financial management software solution provides a range of standardised and fully customisable reports. These reports allow you to easily extract the information needed for internal, external and regulatory use, giving you the data and analysis needed for effective business planning.

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Simplified Expenses

For non-financial staff, OpenAccounts offers eBIS, a self-service platform which allows employees to submit expenses themselves. This helps eliminate paper forms which need to be filled out and re-keyed which massively helps to reduce the burden on your finance team. Offering a mobile app with photo-capture of receipts, easy expense entry on any device, split expenses claims and importing of credit card statements. Click below to watch a video on how Onward Homes benefit from eBIS. 


Request Handling

As well as smart expense processing, non-financial staff can also self-manage a range of requests such as raising purchase orders, submitting sales invoices and managing suppliers (including new supplier requests). This can be done by logging into the online application from wherever they are working. This self-service approach really does help to create great efficiencies within any business. 


Making Tax Digital

In April 2019, new regulations came into place which meant that companies (above the £85,000 threshold) were required to keep digital records and submit VAT returns digitally. Making Tax Digital has been a priority for the Orchard Financials solution and we offer a Business Tax Portal so your organisation can fully comply with this new legislation. 

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The Right Partner for Housing Companies

Within the housing sector, Orchard are the leading supplier of OpenAccounts financial management software and in 2019 were awarded the Advanced OpenAccounts Business Partner of the year for an impressive 14th consecutive year. We regularly hold user groups with our OpenAccounts customers to gain insight from users to help shape our offering. 


Cloud Financials

If you are looking for a financial management software solution that is cloud-based, we’ve got you covered too with our Cloud Financials solution. Offering all the functionality you’d get from an on-site system but accessible from anywhere. 

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What our customers say

Orchard are one of the leading providers of OpenAccounts including their end-to-end document management solution V1. In this video the Onward Homes team talk through why they chose Orchard and how it helped improve efficiencies.

Why choose Orchard?

We feel the following three key areas really set us apart from other OpenAccount suppliers within the social housing industry:

Our team

Whilst you can get OpenAccounts from other providers what you can get is a team which offers as much in-depth coverage as ours. Our expert team has over 10 members made up of Customer Support, Consultants and Application Support staff. We pride ourselves on not only being experts in OpenAccounts but having an unrivalled knowledge and passion for social housing in general.

Our relationship with Advanced

We have over 25 years of experience working with Advanced and for the past 14 years we have been the leading provider of OpenAccounts and Advanced’s partner of choice within the social housing industry. This close relationship has allowed us to collaborate to ensure our customers needs are factored in and help shape features within OpenAccounts.

Our community

We have a strong community of over 65 customers, many of which are long-term that use different housing management solutions, working together via our User Group and dedicated Basecamp forums where information and advice is shared peer to peer. No other provider can offer this type of support network where we all work together to share best practices.

We needed a straightforward, easy to maintain system that would be simple to administer and would control costs. The team had a blue sky vision of what those objectives were. These objectives were ranked in importance and mapped to solutions in the market with OpenAccounts becoming a clear winner.”

Martin Temple, Finance Operations Manager at Midland Heart

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