Self Appointing Repairs

Putting the power in the hands of your customers to report and book repairs

Dealing with repairs is a very time consuming process with 50-70% of all contact centre calls relating to repairs and each repair requiring an average of 5 calls (source: customer insight). This means organisations currently require a huge amount of resources to deal with just this one area.

To help alleviate this, our Digital Self-Service solution allows your tenants to report repairs and book appointment slots themselves via an app in a matter of minutes, 24 hours a day.



Easy to report

Our repair diagnostic tool enables tenants to pick from a range of categories (which can be fully customised), search for specific issues, add notes and upload photos of the problem. This easy to use tool helps them outline the issue and give you enough information so any replacement parts can be brought to the appointment in order to fix the issue first time.


Appointment booking

Once a repair has been logged customers can choose a suitable appointment time, using a scheduling assistant, for the repair to be carried out. Within their app, customers can amend, cancel and send messages related to their repair. Visual reminders about upcoming appointments are used in the app to help reduce the amount of missed/failed appointments.

Benefits to our customers

  • Save time and money by empowering customers to report repairs and book appointment times via the app
  • Reduce call volumes in your contact centre(s)
  • Repair diagnostic tool guides customers through the process of reporting repairs
  • Photos can be uploaded to show the problem prior to appointment
  • Easy-to-use interface gives customers the ability to book, amend and cancel appointments
  • Scheduling assistant can be customised to offer time slots that reflect the way you work e.g. hourly slots or am/pm slots
  • Visual in-app reminders about appointments help reduce the amount of missed appointments
  • Tenants can send and receive messages within their app
  • Full history and status of repairs can be viewed in the app

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