Digital Assistants

Enhance your customers experience with AI powered conversational chatbots

All organisations today are looking for new ways to allow their customers to self-serve as much as possible in order to improve customer experience by offering instant responses whilst also freeing up internal resources and reducing costs.

To help our customers expand their self-service offering we’re working in collaboration with customer experience and communication specialists converse360 to bring you Digital Assistants. Digital Assistants provide a great new way for your tenants to securely get access to information instantly through web, messenger or on the phone without waiting in a queue.


Web Chats

Enable customers to get answers via an automated chat facility on your website and/ or Orchard Digital Self-Service platform. Chats can be escalated to human operators if required. This video gives an example of how it works.


Speech Searching

Utilise the power of smart speakers (e.g. Alexa and Google Home) to allow your customers to carry out advanced speech searches. This video gives an example of how it works.

A solution which evolves and learns

Using AI within the Digital Assistant you can provide automated conversational answers to customer enquiries such as rent balance, repair information, property search and appointment information through real time integration with Orchard Housing. AI within the Digital Assistants solution allows the system to learn and evolve so it can provide the best answers to tenants.

Benefits to our customers

  • Provide a better customer experience across your existing communication channels (website live chat, telephone etc)
  • Tenants get faster responses to their enquiries 24/7
  • Creates operational efficiencies:
    • Less call volume for call centre to handle; it is estimated that by using voice based AI call centre assistants it will reduce the amount of calls your staff need to handle by 50%
    • Frees up resources so you can spend more time with vulnerable tenants


We offer three packages; Introduction, Intermediate and Advanced and you can choose from Web or Speech packages or both. You can find out more about these three packages in the brochure which you can download below.

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