Provide your customers with 24/7 access to tenant self services

Orchard Digital Self Service helps you improve customer engagement and satisfaction, reduce unnecessary calls, and streamline how your services are delivered.

Our housing self service solutions can help you with your digital transformation strategy, improve tenant engagement, boost satisfaction and retention levels.

Orchard Digital Self Service: Working in Partnership for Digital Transformation

Orchard Digital Self Service gives your customers 24/7 access to digital services, with an intuitive user experience that reduces unnecessary calls and improves customer satisfaction. Customers can access digital services such as account information, payments, repairs and more on any internet-enabled devices, with fully automated processes and the highest standards of privacy, security and accessibility.

Our team have extensive experience in supporting housing organisations to deliver a digital offering to their tenants, and can advise on every aspect of the process from developing the right internal processes and workflows, to encouraging sign-ups and promoting inclusion amongst tenants.


Reduce Unnecessary Calls

Housing self-service options remove the need for many customers to contact your call centres, reducing the number of simple queries like account status requests, payments, or booking repairs.


Increase Customer Satisfaction

Housing self-service options enable customers to book appointments, see account data and make payments at their convenience, removing unnecessary wait times and barriers to managing their account.

The stats to the left show the great results our customer GreenSquare, achieved in the first few months after launching their self-service app.


Prioritise Resources to Do More

When customers are able to self-serve, more of your team’s time is freed up to spend on complex cases and proactive intervention, improving outcomes for vulnerable tenants.

See how Orchard Digital Self Service can transform your customer experience

Self Appointing Repairs

Handling calls and processing repairs is a time consuming process. To help save you time, within our Digital Housing Self-Service solution customers can report their own repairs and book appointment slots themselves via an app in a matter of minutes, 24 hours a day.

The smart way of collecting requests and feedback

Set up Intelligent Custom Forms within your self-service app. They are easy to configure and allow you to gain insight into customers' needs and requirements, helping you to achieve excellent retention and customer service levels.

“At GreenSquare we believe in making a difference to people’s lives; one of the ways we want to do this is by providing simply brilliant services. We see the launch of myGreenSquare as a significant step in achieving this aim and increasing our customer satisfaction. Orchard Digital Self Service allows customers to access a wide variety of services from booking repairs and making payments to updating their personal details anytime, anywhere using any device they choose.”

Julianne Britton, Head of Customer Services, GreenSquare


Digital Lettings

Your tenants can use the self-service app to search through your available properties to rent. Add in images, maps and more to help promote your property stock.

Easy to Access Services

Orchard’s Digital Self Service tools can be accessed through any device with an internet browser, as well as through a Progressive Web App. Customers can sign up easily and securely, with automated processes for account verification and appointment booking.


Built for Flexibility

Virtually every page of the system can be customised to your requirements, from adding videos and news to creating custom forms. We also support with styling the services to match your brand identity.


Secure and Accessible

Orchard Digital Self Service provides a modern and intuitive user experience that’s designed to the highest levels of accessibility, including support for multilingual services. It’s also fully compliant with GDPR legislation, and constantly monitored and maintained to ensure your tenants’ information is secure.

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