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Orchard Data Value starts with the problems that keep you up at night, and uses cutting-edge data methodologies to help you find the answers.

All companies collect masses of data every day, but how many are fully utilising this data to its maximum potential?

This data could be used to help create a deep understanding of what your business is really about. By being smart with your data you can make it work for you and help you overcome your biggest business challenges. For example using data you already hold can help to predict future events and behaviours. Data mining your historical data allows patterns to be identified while also looking for new ways to increase profit and/or reduce costs.

Our Data Value solution unlocks the full potential of data by improving the collection and quality of data in order to understand and identify patterns within. Our aim is to make it easier for you to understand, analyse, present and make decisions on what your data is showing you, so you become a data-driven business.

We provide customers with initial investigation through data value discussions, interpretation and insight to identify any appropriate business propositions from which they can benefit.

This includes:

  • Identifying patterns in consumer behaviour
  • Examining patterns in staff attitudes
  • Analysing the performance of customer assets and ongoing activities

Predict and Manage Voids, Maintenance and more

Our Data Value team use sophisticated machine learning algorithms to identify the strongest predictors of voids, helping you decide on the best preventative action and effectively plan maintenance capacity and reduce unexpected costs.


Proactively Engage Your Tenants

Our predictive analytics tools can help you predict which tenants are at highest risk of falling into arrears as a result of changes like Universal Credit, and predict which actions will deliver the best outcomes for them.

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Can better use of data help with the biggest challenges or concerns your organisation is facing?

No doubt your organisation has a wealth of data sources, reports and dashboards held in many locations. This may work for operational teams but what if you could draw together your trusted data sources and provide a shared, interactive visual overview of key metrics to evidence your organisation’s level of viability and governance for in-depth assessments?

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Our range of services

Information Strategy

  • Data modelling – the organisation of the various data sources which businesses currently have in place.
  • Predictive analytics – using data already hold and A.I to predict future events and behaviours.
  • Dashboard visualisation – to enable the easy monitoring of data, intuitive dashboards can be designed to help oversee everything.

Increase Business Revenue

  • Grow customer base – analysing data to understand what an audience is thinking in order to acquire and keep customers by up-selling the right products.
  • Recommended content – pick the perfect content to serve to your audience by fully understanding what content creates the most engagement.

Streamlining Business Operations

  • Business risk protection – ensure better business continuity by checking for patterns in data and behaviour to show which staff are at greatest risk of resignation and allow you to address issues making them unhappy.
  • Business asset protection – enjoy better asset management with real-time visualisation of staff/fleet locations, asset tracking and preventative maintenance to ensure optimum performance.

Realise Hidden Data Value

  • Data management – processing and cleaning up of existing data with wider business objectives in mind, to give you fast and easy to navigate access.
  • Visualisation – creation of infographics, online dashboards as well as training staff so businesses are better placed to visualise the results their data is showing.

Upskilling Teams

  • Training – improve the range of analytical and data skills in teams have with training from data experts. Gives staff the skills needed to process, interpret and report data effectively.
  • Extension of your team – our data experts can embed themselves on customer sites (or work remotely) to help work on specific projects or act as consultants.


  • Compliance – we can help clean up and index your contact lists in line with GDPR regulations, including data protection policies and double opt-in consent from new and existing customers. Areas on non-compliance can be identified too.
  • Marketing – using data analysis to identify the most responsive customers who are more likely to engage with your marketing communications.

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