Data-driven solutions for your business

Orchard Data Value starts with the problems that keep you up at night, and uses cutting-edge data methodologies to help you find the answers.

Every organisation handles masses of data everyday but how many are fully utilising data to its maximum potential

Your data could be used to help create a deep understanding of what your business is really about. By being smart with your data you can make it work for you and help you overcome your biggest business challenges. For example using data you already hold can help to predict future events and behaviours. Data mining your historical data allows patterns to be identified while also looking for new ways to increase profit and/or reduce costs.

Our Data Value solutions have been designed to make it easier for you to understand, analyse, present and make decisions on what your data is showing you, so you become a data-driven business.

Our data consulting team will help you: Get the most from the data you already have. Make sense of your data by identifying weaknesses and opportunities to improve. To make more informed future business decisions.


Data cleansing

“Our data is no good” – Sound familiar? Poor data means you can’t trust it so it prevents you carrying out specific data-based tasks.

To help improve the quality of your data we offer a two stage data consulting service to help customers to identify and resolve their data quality issues. Stage one involves analysis your data (up to 3 days on-site consultancy) and looking for issues including:

  • Duplicate records
  • Inconsistent formatting
  • Missing or incomplete data
  • Multiple units and languages
  • Inaccurate data
  • Non-conformant e.g. postcodes
  • Well defined e.g. emails

We then create a report outlining specific data cleansing issues and we will report back to you on issues identified. Stage two involves us going through and resolving and cleaning up these data issues for you.



Financial Reporting

If your company finds financial reporting a time-consuming process or has ever been unable to report on specific aspects of your business, then our team of data consulting experts can help.

We can create financial dashboards and reporting solutions, all customised to your specific business needs, which help you create financial reports fast and can get you the data you’ve been unable to analyse in the past. Designed to help you make sense of your financial data these solutions allow you to make informed strategic decisions to keep your company on track.

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Bespoke Solutions

We understand that every company is different and as such your specific data requirements will be completely unique. To help with these bespoke requirements we offer tailored data consulting solutions that are designed to help you identify where your data can solve day-to-day problems which affect your business.

We will create a bespoke dashboard for you which gives you an overview of how your data is performing so you can view performance, identify trends and head-off any potential problems which are being forecast.


Flexible Data Warehouse (Information Management Server)

Behind our range of solutions sits our Information Management Server (IMS). By having this foundation it allows us to offer a range of reporting, querying and analysis solutions including:

  • Simplified reporting against Orchard data (in Orchard Housing and Orchard Asset)
  • An offline data warehouse, meaning the reporting will not impact the live system
  • Data structures which are simplified into dimensionally modelled data marts
  • The capability to load additional non-Orchard data, creating one centralised reporting solution
  • Reporting with any tool compatible with Microsoft SQL Server
  • Compatible Business Objects Universes available

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