Make sense of your rent and arrears data

Orchard Income Analytics is a cloud-based arrears management solution designed to help you increase income collection and sustain tenancies.

Find out how Orchard Income Analytics can help you prioritise your resources and increase income though our collection management system:

Orchard Income Analytics: Transforming Income Collection

Customers who go into arrears will often bury their heads in the sand rather than engaging with support. With Orchard Income Analytics, you can identify these customers early and take proactive steps to engage and work with them, sustaining tenancies and reducing the need for court action.

Fully flexible case management software

With Orchard Income Analytics you can build, manage and maintain case lists. Users can change case lists to reflect changes in working practices, without the need for Orchard to make back end changes.

Up to date, wherever you are

Orchard Income Analytics is cloud-based and accessible on any internet-connected device, so your team can stay up to date wherever they are. Income Analytics shows the rent payment history, action history and tenant contact details, and all of this can be accessed via a tablet or mobile phone.

How much time could Income Analytics save your company?

“Our Welfare Reform & Universal Credit teams discuss the rent account at every customer visit. We’ve always been hampered by the lack of an appropriate mobile solution. Orchard Income Analytics offers us the perfect solution, giving our officers the ability display a rent account on their iPad within the customer’s home. It provides a visual of their rent account and the ability to add a note summarising their discussion, all of which will feedback directly into Orchard Housing. Being able to use the system in this way will offer us significant efficiency savings.”

David Curran, Income Manager, First Ark

Powerful predictive analytics

With powerful reporting and predictive analytics, Orchard Income Analytics can help you identify at-risk tenants and intervene early.

"We've recently gone live with Orchard Income Analytics to manage our rent arrears and are seeing the immediate impact on our business with an average of 32% reduction in case lists."

Jane Wells, Tamworth Borough Council

Key Features

Orchard Income Analytics is a cloud-based predictive income, arrears and collection management platform.

With sophisticated analytical capabilities to help identify at-risk tenants, plus a fully configurable set of tools to set up and manage case lists, Orchard Income Analytics helps you increase income collection, sustain tenancies and reduce arrears.


Increase income collection, reduce rent arrears

Orchard Income Analytics provides a comprehensive set of tools for communicating with tenants via text or email. Daily data processing and customisable workflows make it easy to manage arrears cases and increase income collection.


Identify and prioritise at-risk tenants

Orchard Income Analytics is a powerful predictive analytics engine that helps identify tenants who are at high risk of falling into arrears. Our flexible case management software features identify tenants who are predicted to pay their rents and removes them from your case lists, allowing you to focus on tenants who need support to prevent them from falling into arrears.


Universal Credit functionality

Areas with full-service Universal Credit have seen increases in rent arrears, with UC claimants making up 25% of rent arrears in some cases. Orchard Income Analytics integrates information on tenants’ Universal Credit payment dates and amounts to help identify those at risk and provide support where it’s most needed.


Integration Options

Orchard Income Analytics takes data directly from your Housing Management system, allowing you to analyse your case lists. What’s more if you have Orchard Housing, then the integration is seamless, with no need for double-keying of information.

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