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For 40 years we have delivered people first solutions, solving real problems for our customers, their teams and ultimately their tenants. Our of feature rich, integrated, software is the core platform for our customers, use to run their business and engage with their customers.

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Housing Management

Our comprehensive housing management system providing a strong foundation for all your business-critical processes, developed in true partnership with customers to provide engaging multi-channel customer experience together with responsive, agile and mobile team working.

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Digital Self Service

Digital Transformation

Providing Self-Service your customers with 24/7 access to digital services, improve customer engagement and satisfaction, reduce unnecessary calls and manual input, and rethink how your services are delivered.

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Property & Asset Management

Asset Management

Our comprehensive asset management solution can transform the way organisations manage their stock, make informed appraisals and decisions about individual properties or strategic issues affecting estates or entire stock portfolios.

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Orchard AccuServ Repairs & Maintenance

Repairs & Maintenance

Reduce complexity and maximise efficiency with our single solution for recording, scheduling and managing repairs, emergency and planned work, voids and compliance jobs.

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Analytic solutions

Analytic solutions

Arrears management solution to help you to increase income collection, sustain tenancies and focus your effort on cases most in need of help. Using data science, Orchard Income Analytics predicts which accounts in arrears will pay without intervention and prioritises those that require action, enabling you to work more effectively.

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Business Intelligence

Unlock the value of your data. Starting with the problems that keep you up at night, we use cutting-edge data methodologies to help you find the answers.

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Managed Services

An extension to your in-house IT teams with technical expertise within the housing sector. Freeing up internal resources from day to day issues so they can focus on critical tasks.

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Financial Management

Reduce complexity and empower your finance team with a single system designed to improve reporting, inputting and recording.

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