Orchard is pleased to announce that Trent & Dove Housing is now live and fully operational with the implementation of its Direct Works solution which supports the activities of its Direct Labour Organisation (DLO).

Trent & Dove Housing has joined a growing band of social landlords that want to manage their repairs and maintenance internally through a DLO, rather than outsourcing it to external contractors as it has previously. By following this trend of bringing repairs and maintenance in-house, Trent & Dove Housing will have more control over the services offered which should ultimately lead to improved customer satisfaction. The added value to Trent & Dove is a projected saving of £350,000 per year, equating to a 15% saving year on year.

Commenting on the implementation, Derek Eaton, Head of IT at Trent & Dove Housing said, “There are a number of key software components needed to run a modern DLO. The Orchard Direct Works provides the central repository around which other components such as a scheduler, mobile working and finance system must effectively integrate and is able to hold very detailed information about each repair. This information is of critical importance for any business run on a commercial footing and truly committed to continuously managing performance and ultimately reducing cost”.

John Wallace, Orchard’s Customer Relationship Manager added, “We are extremely pleased to support Trent & Dove Housing with their critical business project that will save £350,000 per year and that will add such value to their business. We are pleased to be a trusted partner that is providing a solution that supports Trent & Dove Housing’s business plan and that enables it to have more control over the services it offers and that will lead to improved services and improved customer satisfaction. We look forward to a continued and strong relationship with Trent & Dove Housing moving forward”.

For more information please read our more detailed case study: Case study: Trent & Dove Housing partners with Orchard to deliver support for its DLO