Orchard has secured a project from the North East’s largest landlord group, the Thirteen Group, to deliver a new Integrated Property and Customer System (iPaCs) to support the group’s drive towards improving efficiency and managing cost.

The Thirteen Group was formed following a merger of Fabrick Housing Group and the Vela Group, which were brought together in April 2014 to form a 32,000-property landlord group of Erimus Housing, Housing Hartlepool, Tees Valley Housing and Tristar Homes, alongside specialist arm Thirteen Care and Support.

Orchard’s solution, which was accepted following a tender process, offers attractive features to the Thirteen Group. It has provided the opportunity to implement a fully-integrated solution across Thirteen, whilst enabling its partner companies to not only retain autonomy, but also gain the benefits of a shared and collaborative platform moving forward.

Orchard and the Thirteen Group have assembled an experienced project team to manage the implementation. One of the key drivers in the project is consolidating a number of disparate and legacy systems that exist across the group, into one fully integrated solution. This will provide an important platform for the Thirteen Group to move to the next level of its operation as one of England’s largest housing providers.

This project also incorporates the implementation of Orchard’s own asset management and workforce scheduling solutions, both of which came from Orchard’s acquisition of in4systems in 2013.

Commenting on the opportunity to work with Thirteen Group, John Doughty, Orchard’s Sales and Marketing Director said: “We are hugely excited about working with a progressive and innovative company like the Thirteen Group to help achieve its objectives, but also to deliver what we believe will be the most feature rich and market leading housing and asset management solution available on the market today.”

Ann-Marie Lenagh, Head of ICT for Thirteen, said: “There are major benefits that the Thirteen Group will gain from the delivery of the iPaCs project. The adoption of an integrated solution plays a major part of the overall technology harmonisation plans for the group and will enable us to simplify and accelerate deployment of our services.

“Choosing Orchard as our partner has given us the confidence that we can provide our staff and customers with an agile and highly reliable solution that will support our aims and objectives well into the future.”

Thirteen’s iPaCs project is scheduled to go live this year.