Fife Council is the third largest authority in Scotland, employing approximately 18,000 employees. They provide 900 different services to over 365,000 people yet have one of the highest overall customer satisfaction ratings for a Council in the UK.  These services range from education, social work, housing, and community services to transportation, looking after the environment and developing the economy.

The Council won the APSE Award for Overall Council of the Year in Service Delivery 2014, which was achieved by putting their customers first. Understanding the increasing demands being made on their resources, Fife has developed a more efficient and effective way of working to meet these demands. These include working flexibly, smarter and using new technologies.

The biggest challenge currently facing Fife Council is reporting on Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing (EESSH) and also to improve on the Scottish Housing Quality Standard (SHQS). In order to maintain and improve on the SHQS as well as achieving full compliance with the EESSH, Fife Council has recently made the decision to upgrade to the latest version of Promaster. The main driver for the upgrade is to comply with the EESSH by 2020. The council also recognises that having a fully working Energy module will ensure that they are in a much better position to report to the regulator.

In addition to improving on the SHQS and achieving EESSH compliance, another key benefit that Fife Council is hoping to achieve through the upgrade is an improvement in productivity of survey staff. Working to automate their EPC survey procedure will increase productivity significantly and will allow the Council to realistically survey all of their stock by 2020 (approximately 30,000 units). in4systems’ Promaster solution will also provide them with the capability of scenario modelling, which will allow the Council to analyse the most cost-effective options available to them in order to achieve EESSH compliance.

Fife Council’s Account Manager at in4systems, Jayne Elliott, commented, “Fife has a lovely team of people and we look forward to extending our partnership through making more effective use of their systems.  I am delighted that Fife Council has upgraded to use the latest version of Promaster, and are extending the use of this for managing their Energy related assets to deliver a full browser-based Asset Management Solution .”