Executive TV, a platform for industry programmes revealing the thoughts of leading companies and experts in your industry has launched a programme about the Social Housing sector. The programme, ‘The Landscape of Social Housing’ analyses the significant role IT innovation is playing in the growth and development of the housing sector across the UK. It is being broadcast on the Sky TV network to a large, business focused audience and contains contributions from leading organisations and advisors from all sectors who are performing at their very best and who are well placed to address these important points.

Orchard agreed to take part in the programme as one of those leading organisations. The programme showcases the work being undertaken by us to ensure a sustainable future is achievable for the sector. Whilst the Housing sector is undergoing massive change, Orchard is helping to improve the technological landscape to the benefit of its customers, by delivering the best end to end business solutions built specifically for the housing sector. As the leading independent software provider to the public and social housing sectors, we are able to provide an informed opinion on the sector. Our contribution is formed from the opinions of Orchard’s Executive team, other members of staff and also from Deborah McManus of Coast and Country Housing (Head of ICT and Chair of the Orchard User Group) who provides an insight to the working relationship with Orchard.

If you missed the original television broadcast of the ‘The Landscape of Social Housing’ programme (11th June), it can be viewed again in the final broadcast on Sunday 02nd July 10.30(am) on SKY digital channel 189. Alternatively, if you don’t have Sky television, then please follow the link to view:  http://www.executivetv.org/en/media/the-landscape-of-social-housing