User experience and interaction are very important to us and to the Promaster user community. We have been working with Komodo, who are specialists in the design of web-based software solutions, to refresh and modernise the design of Promaster’s user interface.  The Promaster user base represents a significant proportion of asset management professionals in the Social Housing market, therefore  it was important that the design process produced a modern user interface that was both familiar and new.

We were looking to modernise the user interface of Promaster, whilst retaining the user experience wherever possible. This presented a challenge, as the line between UX and UI is often blurred.  Due to the number of customers actively using the current user interface, any changes to the expected user journey could present a training hurdle.

Komodo began by collating a styles art board with key stakeholders for the project, organised through Google Groups. This allowed them to produce examples of interface themes early in the project.

Using Conjure as their preferred method for design collaboration, they provided our team with a single tool, enabling us to review individual design elements, leave specific feedback and look back across previous versions of a particular design. Collaborating in this way ensures that both teams are aware of the direction that the designs are taking and gives us the opportunity to influence and contribute to the process.

After Komodo successfully delivered the designs for key elements of Promaster, we then asked them to work with our internal development team to implement the front-end reskin, based on their work.

The Orchard team is currently working on the final stages of the project, including the last round of beta testing,  before we release the new UI to our customers in early 2018.  Komodo is working with the Orchard Group on a number of key projects across the business, ensuring that user interface design is consistent across our solutions portfolio.