Orchard continues to further develop and enhance its valuable business relationship with Weaver Vale Housing Trust having recently secured the opportunity to implement its Collaborative Planning solution.

Weaver Vale’s budget process is currently managed through a series of Excel spreadsheets which have to be completed and collated in order to move the budget process forward and for sign off. Whilst Excel is a powerful tool, it is not designed to be a collaborative or sharing tool and it does not necessarily have the controls in place to ensure good data governance.

By removing the reliance on Excel and replacing the current spreadsheets with an online tool that is purpose built for preparing and building budgets on a collaborative basis, Orchard can provide a solution that improves efficiency and effectiveness, budgetary and financial control as well as addressing all of the data governance and other issues currently being faced.

Orchard’s Collaborative Planning solution offers a solution for both the creation and subsequent monitoring of financial plans and forecasts across all business sectors. By enabling collaboration, the key financial processes of budgeting and forecasting are optimised and timescales and costs are significantly reduced.
It introduces real-time, continuous planning and analysis in a single, web-based system that fully integrates into the OpenAccounts financial suite.

Weaver Vale’s Finance Specialist Advisor, Alan Maddock commented, “We needed something that would remove a lot of the manual processes involved in our current spreadsheet method of managing the budget preparation. We are confident that Collaborative Planning delivers a solution that will not only give everyone involved the ability to input directly in to the budget process, but also monitor and plan more effectively.”

Danny Tobin, Orchard’s Chief Operating Officer said, “We are delighted that Weaver Vale continue to invest in our relationship and in Orchard’s Financial solutions. By working closely with Weaver Vale, as a trusted advisor, we have been able to help in significantly enhancing the overall budgeting process through the implementation of our Collaborative Planning solution. This should drive measurable efficiencies for Weaver Vale going forward resulting in strong return on investment”