Although our Housing Management solution has been in use at Mid Devon District Council for a number of years, the authority wanted to ensure that the system’s capabilities were being fully utilised and that its investment in the Orchard solution was being maximised.

Mid Devon has introduced a stated objective, as part of its ongoing Service Improvement program, to enhance the front line service it offers and to open a different channel of communication with its customers.

In an effort to meet these objectives, Mid Devon required an efficient CRM solution. We proposed our Customer Dashboard, which is a central component of the CRM solution. Customer Dashboard helps to promote excellence in customer service by enabling staff to satisfy a high proportion of customer queries quickly and efficiently, at the first point of contact. Comprehensive information is available, which provides users with a complete customer overview across all areas of the authority.

Also, messaging is a key part of our solution, supporting channel shift and encouraging customers to use alternative and more cost effective means of communication. Orchard’s messaging solution provides two-way integration with a range of customer service processes within Orchard Housing. By replacing the use of costly and ineffective letters with SMS texting, it enables our customers to dramatically cut costs, improve customer service and achieve far higher rates of response to customer communications. As part of its income management process, Mid Devon predominantly wanted its customers to use this communication channel for rents and repairs.

Another area that Mid Devon wished to improve was the management of anti-social behaviour. The implementation of our solution ensures the processes are more efficient as it is a true enterprise solution designed to grow and adapt to each case type of ASB being reported. The automation of this process will enable both quarterly and annual reports and formal returns to be generated far more quickly than was previously the case.

Commenting on the project, Nick Sanderson, Head of Housing and Property Services at Mid Devon District Council said: “We went live with the Orchard ASB solution on 7 April 2015, 2 months after our first implementation workshop, and have received very positive responses from our users. The Customer Dashboard is about to be rolled out and we are really looking forward to the efficiency and customer service improvements that we will garner from it. Add Orchard Messaging to all of this and, in pretty short measure, we will have made a significant step change in our customer service delivery.”

James Hyden of Orchard added: “Working as Account Manager with Mid Devon District Council is always enjoyable, and this project further demonstrates their commitment to us. I’m looking forward to Mid Devon District Council realising the benefits of the project and continuing our good working relationship.”

Mid Devon District Council is based in Tiverton, Devon and manages 3,200 properties.