Using our business process review we worked with Greenfields Community Housing to identify the configuration and work that was needed to improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of its voids management process. This resulted in us being able to add significant value to the process and help to modify the standard Voids process within Greenfields’ housing management solution, Orchard Housing.

Amy Deer, Business Solutions Manager at Greenfields said: “Greenfields has been able to significantly improve the management of the voids and lettings process using Orchard’s voids and lettings module and bespoke workflows. The module gave us the ability to add bespoke events into the process to move the sequence on from Keys into ready to let and provide visibility of the status of voids to different teams within the business who manage the various processes.”

“We have created a workflow using the Business Process Management Suite which enabled us to adapt the void process to meet our requirements. Using this we have developed worktray items that notify teams of particular void events. Throughout the life of the void, alerts are used so that teams are notified of the progress so we can ensure less delays.”

“We have also adapted some standard screens from the Voids and Lettings Module to enhance the staff experience. We initially had issues with staff not changing the standard tenure type populate within a screen. We have copied the screen and created conditions which now ensure the tenure type is clear, prompting the user to update the field correctly.”

Paul Chadwick, Business Solutions Analyst added: “Greenfields also use the ‘copy screen’ function to enable automated emails to be sent to external organisations, for example the local Council.”

Anna Paxton, Neighbourhoods and Lettings Team Leader at Greenfields said: “Orchard has given us much more transparency between teams, we are able to see what stage each team is at in the void process and the system has helped us to all communicate much better.The system seems to have some flexibility and enables us to add and change events in the void process, as and when needed. This has been especially helpful as we continue to develop our services to make sure we are working to the best we can.”

Greenfields Community Housing is a Community Gateway Association which took over Braintree District Council’s homes in November 2007, following a tenant and leaseholder ballot for transfer in December 2006. It has around 8,100 homes and 450 leasehold properties all over the Braintree District, which covers Braintree, Witham and Halstead and many surrounding towns and villages.