Income AnalyticsOrchard Income Analytics solution is a cloud-based arrears management solution, which uses data science to predict which accounts in arrears will pay without intervention, and prioritise those that do require action. It is designed to help you to increase income collection, sustain tenancies and focus your effort on cases most in need of help.

Comprehensive filters can be applied within the system, which can be used to review information based on factors such as priority, balance and arrears action. This enables your staff to work as effectively as possible, in a way which is in line with your organisation’s policies and is the most beneficial for your organisation. Filters can be saved for re-use, and edited as you change how your team works.

Why Income Analytics?
With tenants now responsible for paying their own rent, areas with full-service Universal Credit have experienced an increase in rent arrears. Income Analytics delivers a user-centric solution, incorporating information about Universal Credit to help with identifying at-risk accounts and to promote effective arrears management.

Focus on what matters most
We are always looking to create smarter ways to work so that staff aren’t stretched and have a way to easily make sense of relevant data to make informed decisions. Many organisations highlighted that the importance of data, intelligence, prediction and reporting were important in being able to analyse rent arrears, particularly in the case of income and arrears. Income Analytics predicts and then removes technical arrears from case lists and enables housing providers to target resources on accounts in arrears that need attention. Income Analytics is designed with the user in mind; Mobile First, responsive web UI, is intuitive, and enables email and text as you go.

Income Analytics is a true cloud-based, mobile first solution, allowing staff to access all of the information they need on the go, at no additional cost. With our ‘on the go’ mobile reminders to tenants by text and email Income Analytics helps make income recovery more cost-effective. More importantly Income Analytics is fast and easy to deploy and requires minimal training.

What our customers say
With a number of customers actively using our solution and gaining real time benefits we see this becoming a major focus for housing associations in the near future. We recently won the contract with Poplar HARCA to replace a competitor arrears solution with Orchard Income Analytics. Commenting on the solution, Dawn Box, Head of Housing Services at Poplar HARCA said, “Poplar Harca are pleased to be using Orchard Income Analytics to help reduce rent arrears. Its powerful filtering and display of data will allow us to prioritise, making quicker decisions and help us to focus on those that need our help.”

The clever bit…
We are working with our development partners and leading experts from Newcastle University and now have the capability to incorporate advanced techniques such as machine learning into our product. This will allow income teams to move from reactive to proactive arrears management.

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