Orchard works with Northumbria University to kick start its Degree Apprenticeship Scheme as part of its commitment to investment in development.

We are delighted to introduce Matthew Hankey and Elliott McKevitt, who joined Orchard as part of our Degree Apprenticeship Scheme, which we are running in conjunction with Northumbria University.

As part of their 4 year apprenticeship, Matthew and Elliott will be working as part of Orchard’s Housing Development team 4 days a week and spending one day a week at Northumbria University, during their first 3 years with Orchard. In their 4th year they will be working on an on-the-job project. Following successful completion of their apprenticeships, Matthew and Elliott will be employed by Orchard full time as well as receiving a degree in Software Development.

This scheme forms part of our ongoing commitment to investment in our Development Team, and provides the opportunity for aspiring developers to gain the knowledge and experience to grow and thrive within Orchard.

Michael Cox, Development Manager at Orchard:

“The real benefit of the apprenticeship scheme is that we can find bright, talented, and enthusiastic young developers.  Working with Northumbria University, we can provide them with the knowledge and experience to enable them to become the enterprise developers that we will need in the future.”

Louise Crennell, HR Manager at Orchard:

“I am really excited about our Degree Apprenticeship Scheme because it’s a unique way for young people to access higher education whilst gaining the benefits of real life work experience. I look forward to seeing how these promising apprentices progress within Orchard over the next few years.”

Here is what Matthew and Elliott have to say about their time with Orchard so far and what it means to them to be a part of our Degree Apprenticeship Scheme:


“It’s exciting to work for Orchard and gain experience in software development whilst also gaining a degree with Northumbria University. Everyone has been supportive and welcoming, and I already feel part of the team.”


“I am really enjoying working for Orchard as a degree apprentice and application developer. There is a close link between what we are learning about at university and what we are doing as part of our day-to-day job at Orchard. I love the hands-on experience of development, and being able to apply what I am learning at Northumbria University.”