We are delighted to announce that London Borough of Bromley has chosen Orchard as its supplier for Housing Management, case management, multi-channel CRM and Digital Services. As part of the 5-year deal, Orchard will also provide a fully managed and hosted service.

A key element being delivered as part of the project is Orchard’s fully integrated Digital Lettings solution. Bromley is the host choice-based lettings provider for multiple social landlords and Orchard’s Digital Lettings solution will enable these organisations to manage housing applications and advertise properties online.

Here’s what Sara Bowrey, Director Housing, from London Borough of Bromley had to say about the deal:

‘We look forward to implementing improved housing systems across the Bromley borough in partnership with Orchard Systems’

Here’s what Orchard’s Chief Operating Officer, Danny Tobin, had to say about the partnership:

“I am delighted that we have been able to provide Bromley with our fully integrated housing and digital lettings system within our private cloud offering. Our expertise in delivering robust and well-integrated Housing and Lettings solutions is proven, and we look forward to a successful relationship with Bromley going forward.”