Following the successful launch and rapid adoption of our Digital Platform for tenant self-service, we are delighted to launch our groundbreaking Income Analytics solution.

Income Analytics has been designed to combat the ever increasing number of arrears cases resulting from Universal Credit and Welfare Reform. This innovative solution has been developed in partnership with Coast and Country Housing, First Ark, livin Housing, and Phoenix Community Housing.

Income Analytics uses the latest analytical techniques to help Income Teams to focus efforts on tenants that need the most help in avoiding or reducing arrears. Analysis of rent payment patterns and other risk factors provide early prediction and identification of tenants that need the most help, allowing teams to take targeted preventative actions.

In order to deliver the project, Orchard has built a Data Science team, and undertaken a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with Newcastle University. This has led Orchard to research and deploy Machine Learning techniques that will be an integral part of the product and will be used to deliver additional insight on rent arrears to the landlord.

Income Analytics is the first solution from Orchard’s Analytics platform – a cloud based platform through which Orchard will provide solutions that deliver value and insight to customers by analysing their data. Orchard will soon be looking to extend the platform with other solutions such as repairs or voids.


John Hunt, Director, Orchard:

“This is the first step on an extremely important journey for both Orchard and its customers. We have long felt that the data that our customer’s hold could be very valuable and help improve tenants’ daily lives while at the same time dramatically improving business efficiency and insight. We are incredibly excited about the potential of this platform and we look forward to finalising the next stage of its development.”

Angela Grant, Phoenix Community Housing:

“I have found the Income Analytics team to be very professional and enthusiastic. They have listened to my ideas and taken into account the needs of Phoenix Community Housing which will hopefully result in an excellent tool which will enable us to improve on our Income collection.”

Dr. Shirley Coleman, Technical Director & Principal Research Associate, Newcastle University

“Working on this data analytics project with Orchard Software is very exciting. The company has great vision and is open and receptive to new ideas. The results so far are extremely promising and I am enjoying the collaboration”


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