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Sep 02, 2020


Why Task Management will be a game changer for your compliance

Ensuring compliance will always be one of the key objectives of any social housing provider. However, it is a time-consuming process that brings with it hundreds of different follow up actions which need to be completed, by a specific date, in order to ensure the safety of tenants and staff.

Historically this area, which is so labour intensive, has at times relied on human intervention to go into various systems to check the dates of upcoming servicing, arrange for the work to be done and then upon completion of the work updating systems or spreadsheets so an audit trail is kept. This way of working can leave you open to human error with certain tasks being missed.

Fortunately, a new improved way of handling compliance work is here.

Within our Asset Management software, we have just launched a new module called Task Management, which flips the traditional way of working and let’s the system do the work for you and keeps you better informed.

What is Task Management?

Our Task Management module offers a user dashboard from which you can see your individual and your team’s tasks and view reminders in order to prevent key dates from being missed. You can also oversee your organisation’s workload and historical performance. Each task shown on the dashboards comes with a RAG status and they can be automatically or manually assigned to a team or an individual.

In the past users would go to specific modules or run reports within Orchard Asset to check for things like expiring certificates, but now within Task Management you can drill down directly to the data source.

We’re confident that this new module will also make a game-changing difference in these two key areas: Automation and Reducing Complexity

Automating processes

As mentioned above there are wide range of tasks to be completed in relation to compliance. Take a routine asbestos survey, some of the tasks around this might include:

And if the inspection finds that the asbestos levels are too high it means you have another set of tasks to complete around the removal of the asbestos. This means raising repairs, allocating the work out, further letters, recording SOR codes for the job and so on.

Where Task Management can make a difference is that it can help automate these trigger points in your process. When an inspection has a deadline date approaching it will create the job for you. You can then allocate it, raise any repairs work (which can be passed back to your housing management and/or repairs system) and also create any letters or emails with a few clicks.

The potential time saving on these various administrative tasks is huge and will free you up to focus on other areas of compliance and asset management.

The Task Management dashboard not only drives your workday, but it provides better visibility over the upcoming (and sometimes overdue) work that you and your team have on the go.

Reduced complexity: All-in-one system

One of the main directions of travel for everybody working in technology is to reduce complexity. Again, this is another area where Task Management can make a difference.

You may have similar functionality in some of the other systems, however from a simplicity and reducing complexity point of view our solution gives you everything you need all-in-one system.

Task Management sits on top of a range of modules which offer the most comprehensive asset management coverage within social housing. So, any actions and reminders relating to services, asbestos, projects, energy and more will be flagged up with Task Management giving you one perfect central hub from which you can manage all your compliance requirements.

Going forward

But it won’t stop there. We have more functionality on our roadmap for Task Management to ensure it will continue to scale up and meet your developing requirements.
We will be adding in additional trigger points each month (around 4 to 5 per month) and will be making enhancements to the reporting and dashboards too.

Find out more

If you would like to find out more about Task Management, you can join our upcoming webinar at 2pm on the 30th September where we’ll be providing a full demonstration. All you need to do is click here to register.


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