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Jul 03, 2019


Unlock the value of Data to your organisation

Can better use of data help with the biggest challenges or concerns your organisation is facing?

See how Orchard can help unlock the value of your data.

No doubt your organisation has a wealth of data sources, reports and dashboards held in many locations. This may work for operational teams but what if you could draw together your trusted data sources and provide a shared, interactive visual overview of key metrics to evidence your organisation’s level of viability and governance for in-depth assessments?

Having a strategic view of today’s metrics is one thing but what about planning ahead and predicting the future? Sophisticated machine learning algorithms can allow you to analyse multiple potential “what-if” business scenarios, quickly showing predicted effects and forecasts to transform your boardroom dialogues.

A holistic approach helps you get more value from your business data, starting with the questions that your future business performance hinges on.

This could be to:

It is true that each organisation has unique needs, but there are huge similarities in what is required as an end result. It is important to put a strategy in place that achieves these common objectives but works with the business process and values. The use of technologies such as Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning, AI and Internet of Things are gathering pace across many different sectors. Their use can be used to further develop your data strategy and deliver transformational insights.

However, one of the most important aspects to unlocking the value of your business data is how it is presented. Visualisation is the key to deliver business insight in an engaging, easy to use format, through the development of customised dashboards, heatmaps and charts. Achieving these need not be limited by systems, software or infrastructure. By purely focusing on the data and processes and not specific platforms or waiting for all assets to be in place you can ensure you do not miss an opportunity that may never be repeated.

Start work as soon as your parameters have been agreed and then continue to enhance and gather data throughout the course of the project. The main goal is to deliver meaningful, usable results in the shortest time possible.



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