The Orchard Housing Resident Involvement (RI) module has been designed in partnership with Aspire Housing, Coast & Country Housing and South Liverpool Homes (SLH).

SLH wanted to build on the existing successes that their engagement strategy had already delivered by developing a flexible system that integrated with Orchard Housing. The requirement was a system that would manage customer involvement, streamline internal processes, have the ability to deliver continuous improvement, while also ensuring value for money.

Staff involved in the development of the module worked closely with staff from Orchard, Aspire Housing and Coast & Country. There were a different mix of skills, business processes and terminology brought to the table by each organisation, however a consensus for a way forward was quickly agreed and the module took just over six months to develop.

SLH is confident the module will deliver the following benefits:
• Centralised resident involvement information with direct links to Orchard Housing, Merge IT extensions, and the customer self-service portal
• The provision of a toolkit to deliver projects identified from strategy planning through to impact assessment, while monitoring budgets, resources and risks
• Efficient targeting of profile groups of customers
• Reduction in administrative time for officers
• Recording of training experience and development opportunities of individuals
• The ability to develop surveys and manage the responses
• An improved reporting solution