Active Asset Management

Active Asset Management is becoming increasingly important across the housing industry, with the pressure that organisations are now facing to deliver value for money and to stress test business plans.  

The HCA Value for Money standard requires registered providers to enable stakeholders to understand the return on assets measured against the organisation’s objectives and to evidence value for money gains.  

The Governance and Financial Viability Standard now expects organisations to have the ability to demonstrate robust business planning and risk management, and maintain an asset and liabilities register which includes loan covenants. A requirement of HCA is to also work at a more granular level.

At Orchard, we recognise the importance of this and our Active Asset Management software solution, Options Appraisal,  helps you to comply with these regulations and to achieve maximum effectiveness and best value.

Our Options Appraisal solution is a decision making tool for use with housing stock which enables a more strategic view of housing asset management and provides stock viability assessments. This enables housing organisations to make informed and transparent decisions regarding the sustainability of stock, including future spend, redevelopment or disposal for single dwellings up to entire estates or areas. As a result, this effectively saves time, as manual efforts are reduced, and money.

With the capability of stress testing any business plans against fluctuation of inflation and associated changes, Options Appraisal enables you to achieve one of the key requirements of the HCA Regulations.


An appraisal, of which there can be an unlimited number, consists of a combination of a group of properties from one up to the whole stock and a scenario containing a number of factors. These factors are user-defined and can represent monetary value or a social impact points score. These assessments produce a Net Present Value for any subset of the stock and this can be coupled with a social impact score which can be based on a number of elements including demand, staff perception, local facilities and deprivation indices or any other user-defined factor. 

A key feature is the ability to develop and compare alternative scenarios for groups of properties.

Achieve maximum effectiveness and best value

Options Appraisal provides a consistent approach to decision making, helping to achieve maximum effectiveness and best value. It provides a clear basis for future reviews of the cost-effectiveness of stock and ensures that the option selected is more likely to meet the desired objectives.

Key Features

  • User-defined factors for financial (NPV) and non-financial (social impact) scoring
  • RAG Banding
  • User-defined property groups with GIS map plotting
  • Status Quo scenario establishes a baseline for NPV and points scores
  • Graphical presentation
  • User-defined scenarios with any combination of factors
  • Automatic links to planned component replacement years/costs
  • Built-in data loaders for financial and non-financial property factors
  • Ability to score properties based on user-defined rules against any data stored in Promaster
  • Scenario Comparisons for property groups
  • Stress testing for business plan assumptions

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