Managing a large scale property portfolio is a complex business, requiring the management of multi-million pound budgets while ensuring risk and governance ratings are effectively considered and regulated.

Property is valuable and demands a deep understanding of the maintenance of its components and replacement cycles. This includes recording and understanding all the activities; past, present, and future, to protect value and income streams as well as ensuring compliance, service quality, and value for money.

We are developing smarter solutions to help you make strategic asset management decisions to transform the way housing associations and local authorities manage their stock. Our sophisticated management solutions will enable informed appraisals and decisions regarding individual properties or strategic issues affecting estates or entire stock portfolios, whilst helping you to comply with legislation.

You can have complete confidence that we can provide a solution that delivers exceptional and comprehensive core functionality, combined with flexible added value features designed to enable you to deliver services to your customers in a proactive manner.

At Orchard we help our customers with all aspects of Property and Asset management, including:


  • Management of Property core data
  • Management of the assets and liabilities register
  • Managing risk, compliance and audit requirements
  • Ensuring properties meet current standards including Decent Homes / SHQS / WHQS and HHSRS
  • Supporting energy efficiency including RDSAP and producing Energy Performance Certificates
  • Managing Health and Safety
  • Managing Asbestos
  • Managing Gas, Electrical, Fire Risk, Water Hygiene and all other Servicing / Inspections and Gas Safety
  • Condition and any other data collection surveys
  • Programme creation and modelling
  • Managing Capital and Revenue Expenditure including detailed business plan forecasts
  • Active Asset Management including Scenario Modeling using Net Present Value calculations
  • Fixed Assets / Component Accounting
  • Analytics, Business intelligence, and decision support


  • Project and Service Contract Management for contracts undertaken by Direct Works organisations and external Contractors
  • Maximising return on investment on Capital invested
  • Providing integration with other IT solutions
  • Condition and any other data collection surveys
  • Workforce Mobilisation with offline as well as online working on all popular devices

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