Within the housing sector ever increasing focus on service excellence, improving the quality and range of services has led to increased emphasis on incorporating excellent customer engagement within all aspects of the business operating model.

Over recent years a combination of new communication channels, demographics, increasing customer expectations and budgetary pressures have led housing businesses to seek tailorable, cost effective and scalable solutions capable of supporting first class customer service using a range of extended hours access and self service channels.

At Orchard we help our customers with all aspects of customer engagement and on-going relationship management, providing integrated solutions for Customer Engagement and Customer Relationship Management including:

  • Management of all online and offline customer interactions, via the full spectrum of channels including telephone, email, mail, SMS, online self service and social media
  • Knowing and understanding customers using centralised and accessible data ensuring one version of the truth
  • Supporting resolution of queries at the first point of contact
  • Supporting B2B and B2C commercial activities including Sales, Shared Ownership, leasing and services to residents
  • Management of resident and community involvement including management of consultation, events and reward schemes
  • Production and broadcast of Housing specific information to stakeholders
  • Integrated Telephony solutions
  • Managing and hitting Service Level Agreements (SLA’s)
  • Communal area and community internet access
  • Analytics, Business intelligence and decision support

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