Digital transformation:

Making self appointing repairs an effortless reality

Gavin Hitchcock (Head of ICT) at Futures Housing Group is a guest contributor for our blog. Here he discusses Futures’ approach to online customer self-service and why they have a strong focus on customers being able to book their repairs online. Gavin also talks about its importance to achieving key e ciencies for the business, and how it fits into broader transformational activity, and turning potential challenges into success.

” Futures Housing Group is reviewing its operating model to focus on achieving effortless customer experiences. Our transformation team have been focusing on specific business areas and looking at the processes and transactions to see how they touch our customers and where processes can be streamlined. “

The catalyst for this project came from when our transformation team looked at the request a repair process. The team looked at the repairs service in microscopic detail, always looking at it from the ‘outside
in’ (rather than inside out) to gain a customer centric view. One significant factor during this analysis was the call volumes from customers into our customer services team for enquiries relating to repairs. With over 60% of all calls received being for repair requests and with a lot of these being repeat calls to check or chase information on already appointed repairs it was obvious that we had an opportunity to improve this service for our customers as well as gaining significant business e ciencies.

Looking ahead

There are three things that I am really excited about that this project should achieve. As I come from a commercial background, first of all I am looking forward to seeing the huge reduction in resources required for something that should be straightforward – and seeing those resources put to better use. Secondly, I am really keen to deliver upon our promise of e ortless customer services by providing greater choice and flexibility in how our customers request and manage a repair online. And thirdly, I am really looking forward to making all of this a reality as we move the solution from its current ‘in development’ phase to being in live operation and being used by our customers on a 24x7x365 basis.

Gavin Hitchcock
Head of ICT, Futures Housing Group

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